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The Ultimate Family Entertainment Space

New owner, Tom, was looking to upgrade his outdoor space. He spotted photos of Arctic Cabins BBQ huts on social media and knew instantly that our large linked BBQ cabins with a bar was the right choice for him! We visited him recently to find out how he was getting on with his new 2 x 17m² cabins joined to create the ultimate entertainment space. We couldn't wait to have a sneak peak inside...

What do you typically use your linked cabins for?

"We really appreciate coming in here and actually talking as a family and spending quality time together, rather than sitting behind the TV for the night in the house like we used to do."
"We also host a lot of social gatherings in the cabin - we have lots and lots of friends coming over every single weekend to use our bar which is a great social element! Being in the cabin is almost like a family holiday - you really do feel like you’ve taken a break from the rest of the world!"



How often do you use your linked cabins?

"We use our 'The Wolf Pack Inn' almost every day - it's our social spot! In fact, we had our BBQ garden bar installed in the winter and we have been in here every night since because it has been so cosy and lovely through the chilly months."

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How have you personalised your new space?

"As we have two 17m² cabins joined, there is so much space for personalisation. Starting with the BBQ end, our fire basket makes a massive difference. As for furnishings, we’ve chosen all of our cushions and throws. For the entertainment factor, we’ve wired in a speaker system as well which sounds incredible with the way the acoustics work due to the cabin's insulation and the wood. We’ve even fitted out the bar area with a proper pub-style, industrial dual-fridge underneath. Next on my wish list is a proper beer pump!"

Tell us more about the benefits of having your linked BBQ cabins with a bar...

"An unexpected benefit for us would be that we didn’t initially appreciate just how much of a social impact our cabin would have. For my wife’s 40th, we had everybody in here. We had a private caterer come in and do some really nice stuff on the barbecue for us all. We also had my daughter’s 9th birthday here. She had 15 equally as excited friends here and it was great because they could all come without ruining the house. At the end of both of those nights, we literally just shut the cabin door to go back to the house and leave any mess until we came back the next morning. The house was still in pristine condition! It’s really made us appreciate the cabin’s benefits for our social occasions."

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tom de wolf large linked bbq cabins with bar

We are delighted that Tom's large linked BBQ cabins with a bar has proved such a big hit. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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