10 Year Guarantee

Arctic Cabins Guarantee

In this guarantee document, the word “you” refers to the customer who has purchased the BBQ Cabin. The guarantee remains with you while you own the BBQ Cabin.  If you move house and have the BBQ Cabin moved by Arctic Cabins or an approved agent, the guarantee period remains unchanged.

Where possible, the structure of the building (base, walls, roof etc) has a 10 year Arctic Cabins manufacturers guarantee.  The guarantee terms are passed on by all of our materials suppliers. Therefore, there is a variance in the duration of the guarantee of the individual elements of the structure.  Our helpful table highlights the guarantee period for each part of the building.


If any item out of guarantee is replaced and paid for, the guarantee for this item is reset back to the period as defined below.

Maintenance & Usage

It’s important to follow these rules and guidelines as failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee as it will severely reduce the longevity of the cabin.

  • Where external timber is treated with brown preservative from Sovereign, we would expect you to apply 1+ more coats within 12 months and then an annual treatment is expected each year thereafter. 
  • Where external timber is treated with Cuprinol Ducksback on installation, we would expect you to apply 1 more coat within 12 months and then within 5 years as recommended on the tin.
  • Locks, hinges and other window furniture should be kept clean and wiped with a light oil annually. WD40 locks should also be lightly oiled periodically.  
  • The cabin should be regularly used, at least once a month, and in the colder seasons this includes lighting the fire and getting the cabin warm.  Where power is retrofitted into your cabin, the use of a low wattage oil-filled frost heater is recommended.

Arctic Cabins - 10 Year Guarantee

The guarantee periods each assume that you have followed the previous guidelines.

Guarantee Period (Years) 1 Yr 4 Yrs 10 Yrs
Foundation and Base
Composite pegged base
Base cladding and steps (where fitted)
Window frame
Window glass (from condensation but excluding all damage at any time)
Window furniture (hinges etc)
Roof Pelmets
Roof Shingles
Roof Structure
Door furniture (hinges, lock etc)
Door handle (antler)
BBQ Unit (including all associated parts)
Skins and accessories
LED lighting
Carbon monoxide alarm (excluding batteries) & fire extinguisher


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