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Garden Grill House

John and Kate, in nearby Derby, chose an Arctic Cabins 7m² grill house to add a beautiful centrepiece to their garden for cooking & entertaining. We caught up with them recently to see how life was going with their Arctic Cabin since having it installed & to find out a bit more about their journey with us...

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Why did you choose Arctic Cabins to upgrade your garden with a Grill House?

"We had been thinking about BBQ cabins for a while and did some research online. After reading the reviews of a few different companies offering a similar product, we quickly came to conclusion that Arctic Cabins were the best in the field - their Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves! We had read so many positive things about their products & service, so it gave us loads of confidence in trusting them. We also loved the fact they were local to us; it gave us total peace of mind."

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"Well, it was actually by chance! We had started looking to replace our old shed and nipped over to what turned out to be the new Nottingham show site, which had previously been the outdoor showroom for the people we bought the shed from. We arrived fully expecting to be just replacing our old, dilapidated shed...but what we actually ending up buying is so much more than that; an incredible upgrade! The rest is history. We loved all the cabins but - as you can probably see from the photos - our garden is not enormous so our cabin pretty much chose itself."

Would you recommend purchasing an Arctic Cabin Grill House?

"We would 100% recommend Arctic Cabins to anyone! The staff are superb, and everything is done exactly when and how they said it would be. We visited the Nottingham show site, then arranged for Cliff to visit us at home to ensure our chosen size would work in our garden. Everyone at Arctic Cabins were very prompt, friendly and knowledgeable - it made the whole process a no-brainer. Everything was made very clear from the outset and there was absolutely no pressure at any point, which we really appreciate. The quality of our grill house is incredible (the electrician we used to connect power even had a look and then had to go home and fetch his “big boy” tools to even get through the timber!)"

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How often do you use your Grill House?

"We use our grill house several times a week - often for barbecues, but sometimes we cook meals in the house and take them out, or sometimes we just throw a log on and have a glass of wine after a hard day (and quite often after an easy day too!) It's just such a nice, peaceful place to be. It's genuinely the best thing we’ve done in years!"

How was the installation process?

"The installation process was jaw-dropping! The two guys who put it up could not have been more helpful, efficient or tuned in to what we needed - they made several suggestions in terms of position etc, so that meant we could make the very most of our cabin & garden space. We were amazed that it only took about 4 hours from start to finish to complete!"

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