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A Unique Take on the Health Spa.

Bridget and Neil don’t believe in doing things by halves, they are the proud owners of a stunning property, to which over the last few years they have added a beautiful swimming pool and other leisure facilities to create a breathtaking venue for running their day spa business. The finishing touch this year has been a 17m² Grill Hut with Extension with Extension from Arctic Cabins.

Why did you choose a BBQ cabin over an extension to your property?

“An extension wasn’t an option, as we needed the building to be separate from our house. It needed to be part of the spa so it could be used as a changing and treatment room and kept separate from our home, we also wanted something that would fit in with the surroundings as well as somewhere that could be used all year round as somewhere we could entertain and retreat to in the winter.”

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How did you decide on a BBQ Cabin and Arctic Cabins?

“I used to work in Ilkeston, not far from Nottingham, and had visited the show site before for a bit of a look around. When it became apparent that having a garden building was financially a reality, I visited again and loved what I saw. My partner wasn’t interested but when he saw the pictures I’d taken of the BBQ Cabins on display he was very impressed with the look and quality and that was it, we put a deposit down! We loved how unique and attractive they are, and the country style fits in with our house and pool building, it feels a bit like a retreat.”

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Whilst planning your building, how did Arctic Cabins help?

“The sales team were great, Cliff was so helpful and understanding, he came out to do a site visit and talked through options with us. We loved how we could work with him to plan the whole building, for example where the windows were going and the look of the porch, the whole building is bespoke to us. On the whole they couldn’t have been better, we were going to use our own groundsmen but Arctic Cabins couldn’t be beaten on price, so they did the whole lot!”

Do you feel the cabin has enhanced your business and the way you spend your own time away from the business?

“It’s definitely a selling point for our business, prospective customers are wowed when they see the BBQ Cabin on our web page and when they arrive they are blown away by it and can’t help but take pictures, no one can believe how big it is on the inside!”

“Personally, it is a fantastic retreat for us, we can use it as an escape, your phone doesn’t ring in there and there’s no one disturbing you knocking on the door. We’ve gained a huge space for entertaining in the winter and BBQ’s no longer just need to be in the summer.”

“It’s also been an amazing space for our daughter to hang out with her friends, they can camp out in it and it’s ideal as we can relax as they aren’t in the house where things can get broken, but they are still close by. It’s an ideal extension for entertaining without the extension price tag”

“Before having the grounds done the space was a concrete car park but now it’s pretty and idyllic, the cabin has really enhanced a space that really wasn’t being used before”


Bridget has had Karndean flooring fitted throughout to ensure the area is quicker to clean after clients have visited. They have also painted the BBQ tables with a dark grey finish - which looks stunning, and have had the lights (normally fitted around the small shelf part of the cabin) located under the seats to create another stunning feature.

We wish Bridget and Neil all the best with their spa business and hope they enjoy many cosy nights enjoying their BBQ cabin. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or request a pricing brochure.

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