10m² BBQ House

Jackie and Elliott love socialising, but don’t love the mess parties left in their house. A 10m² BBQ House from Arctic Cabins has now given them the perfect space for entertaining, in the comfort of their own garden. They chose the spacious 17m², which easily seats 25 guests, with the addition of the 'secret' extension to house a kitchen area.

How did you hear abouts Arctic Cabins?

“We knew we wanted something in the garden to replace the children’s play area now they are older, but we didn’t know with what, that was until we saw an Arctic Cabins BBQ cabin at our friends house! We absolutely loved it & thought it would be the perfect solution for us.”

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What made Arctic Cabins were the right company for you?

“They have a very individual approach to customer service and seemed very thorough, we could spot they had the same work ethic as us, Elliott is a builder and if they weren’t professional or the sales pitch was too full on we’d have run for the hills! They just made everything so easy and do everything with a professional approach which is why we decided to work with them.”

How has your social life changed since the cabin's arrival?

“Parties are just so easy now! In the past we’ve had a few parties in the house and the house felt trashed afterwards but with the cabin, give it a quick sweep and chuck everything in the bin and job done! We can’t believe how easy and fun entertaining is now, we’ve even had a DJ set up in there for one of our parties!”

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How do you think the cabin has improved your outside space?

"It’s certainly made our garden look a lot more interesting, the cabin is just so quirky and fun, we call it our Hobbit House! We love the idea of being outside and under cover, as well as having a part of the garden we can use all year round for socialising or chilling out.”

Would you recommend Arctic Cabins?

“Definitely, they get 5 stars, 100%! They do such high quality, bespoke products with such a personal service and amazing after sales, we are now members of the Arctic Cabins Owners Club and love looking on the group page for advice and ideas on what other people are doing in theirs.”


Wishing you loads of fun and many more parties in your cabin Jackie and Elliott, without all the mess! Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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