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10m² BBQ Cabin with Office

Tim decided to opt for a 10m² BBQ Cabin with Office with 'hidden' Extension so that he could use the additional space as a bit of a Mancave / Bar / Office - what better way to enjoy your new garden room!!

Having the extension at the rear of the building also allows you to almost 'hide' it from view. Tim has a bench fitted so he can use it for many purposes including food prep.

Tim's Story

Tim and his family have been renovating their beautiful home, and the installation of a Pixie Hut has been the crowning glory of an area that was previously left looking unloved. They were looking for something practical, attractive and spacious to utilise all that garden space they had available.

"How often do you use your Cabin?"

"We use it at least every weekend and cook on the fire as much as possible, there’s something primeval I love about shutting yourself away down there and cooking on an open fire. We've made some delicious food in there & it's a great space to use when friends & family visit, as well as being a really handy room I can use when I'm working from home or I just want to escape the house for a while!"

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"Who uses the Cabin most?"

"The whole family uses it! It’s a great escape for the adults and a space for us to chill out, but also a fantastic space for our children who are now young adults to have freedom to hang out with their friends but not be too far from home. All their friends love it & it's a real talking point around the neighbourhood!"

"Was your cabin always going to be The Beatles theme?"

"I love The Beatles and people always buy me memorabilia for birthdays & Christmas, but I’ve never really had anywhere to show it off before, so this was the perfect place for it and I think it finishes the cabin off nicely."

How did you find the design & planning process with Arctic Cabins?

"The whole process was just so easy! The standard design only gave use one bench extension on each side of the cabin, when the fitters were working I asked if anything could be done to give me two benches on either side. They were more than willing to modify the benches for me. I’m thrilled that they went out of their way to accommodate my request and the two beds now give us much more flexibility on using the space"


Would you recommend Arctic Cabins?

"Yes, most definitely! I'm very happy with the cabin and can’t fault the service. Cliff has always been happy to deal with any after sales queries and the whole process from start to finish has been fantastic."

We are delighted that the cabin has proved such a big hit and that Tim has enjoyed embracing his inner caveman. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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