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The Perfect Family Hang-Out.

Steve opted for a 10m² BBQ Garden Bar to create a space that the whole family could enjoy year-round, as well as having a stunning garden feature. The 'hidden' design he went for, with the extension section being fitted on the back of the BBQ Cabin, means that he gains the extra space inside the grill cabin without losing precious garden space. We caught up with Steve to find out how he's getting on in his BBQ lodge and find out a bit more about his experience.

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"We were originally looking for a summer house, and it was originally my sister-in-law who mentioned the idea of BBQ Huts as she had heard of Arctic Cabins. I loved the idea of a grill cabin, so I took her advice, did some of my own research online, I then got in touch and the rest is history!"


Why did you chose Arctic Cabins over other companies?

"Having decided we wanted to get a BBQ Hut, I had a look around and came to the conclusion that Arctic Cabins seemed to be the market leaders; there was so much good feedback online, and also the show site wasn't too far from our home in Leeds, so we could visit the Cabins in person and get a feel for what was the right size for us. We did visit a competitor, but they didn't even have a display model and were also quoting around 9 months for delivery and installation, which was far too long for us to wait. Having been to the Arctic Cabins show site and having seen all the options available, we were totally sold and didn't need to look any further. We liked the fact that Arctic Cabins offer the full service, as it meant we didn't have to worry about building it ourselves, or finding someone to install it, or build our own base etc."

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How often do you use your BBQ Cabin?

"We tend to use the Grillkota at least once a week. As I'm pretty busy and work quite long hours, it's definitely more of a weekend retreat at the moment...which I love, as it's nice to have something to look forward to at the weekends! During the winter we BBQ every weekend, and it's so nice to be able to spend time outside in the garden in the colder months. In the summer, when it's nicer weather, we tend to just light the fire inside the grill hut and use our small BBQ outside, so we have somewhere nice & relaxing to enjoy our food.

How was the installation process?

"The fitters, lead by Adam, were superb, nothing was too much trouble - even a few little hiccups along the way didn't phase them. Their level of customer service was fantastic."

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Would you recommend purchasing an Arctic Cabin?

"To be honest, it's probably the best thing we've ever bought, so yes! Everyone who has seen it has been wowed. I'm so glad we went for the bar extension, as the amount of space gained - the bar top space for serving food (out of the reach of the dog!), plus being able to incorporate a full size fridge makes it a much better entertaining space. There's no shortage of guest space too. We had 11 family members in here last night, and plenty of space for everyone."


We are delighted that Steve's BBq House has proved such a big hit and he and his family have somewhere they can enjoy, all year-round. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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