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Welcome to Narnia.

Laurie & Kairen are huge CS Lewis fans, and wanted to create an 'ode to Narnia' feel to their new 10m² Man Cave BBQ House...and boy have they succeeded! Their Man Cave BBQ House is now complete with Lion sentry by the porch, old lamp post and neon 'Aslan's' bar' sign really is a sight to behold! We caught up with Laurie to find out how they're getting on in 'Narnia' and find out a bit more about their experiences with us.

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"At the start of the year, we were thinking about purchasing an enclosed garden building of some sort. We had just celebrated New Year, just the two of us, in our garden gazebo with a roaring firepit...but it was still bloomin' chilly! We were looking into steel & perspex pods, when we came across Arctic Cabins online, which immediately intrigued us as they were so different, so I requested a brochure so I could find out more. The concept and design were completely new to us, and as your show site was reasonably close to us we made arrangements to visit and have a look round. It was an easy sell as we liked the Cabins from the outset, but the 'Tardis' effect clinched it and we were quickly into choosing options. I feel that, really, most 'major' purchases are lead by your heart rather than your head, and this was one of those decisions! We both have 'big' birthdays coming up, and this was an early joint present to us both."

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Why did you chose Arctic Cabins over other companies?

"To be honest, we did very little research, which is very unlike us! The quality of the Man Caves on display was excellent and the sales process with Cliff was friendly and we didn't need to look elsewhere. We ended up purchasing a 'package', which meant we were able to have some of the items we maybe wouldn't have purchased separately. We're now members of the Grillkota Owners UK group on Facebook, and there are so many advocates of Arctic Cabins, which was reassuring and cemented that we'd made the right decision choosing them."


How often do you use your BBQ Cabin?

"We have been using our Man Cave about twice a week, mainly for evening entertaining. Given that it's summer, I'm surprised how often we're using it, as I suspected our main usage would be in the cooler months. Yes it's a novelty, but our friends love it & are more than happy to repeat their initial experience (several times in some cases!). It certainly seems to encourage late nights, which is probably due to both the warmth and the tribal feel you get from being next to the open fire. We usually cook initially, then add wood afterwards to add to the ambience, as well as add some heat. All of our friends we've had to visit have been pleasantly surprised as they expected to smell of smoke when they left, but they haven't! We've added lots of technology to the cabin, such as WiFi, a TV, Sonos Speakers, Alexa, as well as the amazing bar, which has kept us more than entertained since we've had it installed. The hut is named & themed 'Narnia'; the bar is 'Aslan's Bar' and outside there is an old lamp post and crowned lion statue...this all confirms to our neighbours that we are completely nuts, haha!"

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How was the installation process?

"Great - the Man Cave arrived exactly on time and as specified, and the whole build process was very efficient. Adam and Matt are a great asset to your company; skilled, conscientious, hardworking and eager to please. We moved our planned location of the cabin by a few feet on their recommendation, and it proved to be an excellent piece of advice, greatly improving the aspect in the garden. It was a long carry from the wagon to the build site, and the building components were moved with impressive speed! The site was tidy at all times, and we kept them well-supplied with tea & biscuits throughout the day. Both Adam & Matt were always willing to answer our many questions as excited new owners, nothing was too much trouble. The whole installation experience was great - stressless and pleasant...we look forward to many years of enjoyment!"

We're so pleased to hear about Laurie & Kairen's positive experience with us, and loved hearing all about the happy times their mini 'Narnia' has brought them so far...we wish them many more years of happiness. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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