10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin
10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin
10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin
10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin
10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin
10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin
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10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin

Paradise At Home.

Up in Scarborough, Julie has created an enviable garden area, with her 10m² Grill House BBQ Cabin in pride of place. She send us lots of fantastic photos and can really tell how much she loves her BBQ Cabin, there's been so much time lovingly spent on making it her perfect escape. And now, there's an extra member to the family, Rusty - the 8 week old Labrador puppy! No doubt he'll be making himself at home in the Cabin in the coming weeks! We wanted to find out more about Julie's journey with us, so we caught up with her to hear all about it...

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"We were looking for something for our garden to create another chilling space to give us more variety and I had seen a Grill House advertised many years ago and I fell in love with the idea back then. We started the internet search for something different and unique and we stumbled across BBQ Huts on Pinterest, which reignited my desire to have one, and subsequently discovered Arctic Cabins. We're so glad we did!"

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Why did you chose Arctic Cabins over other companies?

"We looked at many different companies who provided many different sizes and configurations of BBQ Hut, and also looked at social media groups such as Hygge Hut BBQ Cabin Owners Club and Grillkota Owners Club-UK on Facebook. It appeared that the majority of the users recommended Arctic Cabins, mainly because of the sloping walls creating the tardis effect and also the added comfort of being able to lean back into the walls. There were also many comments about the impeccable customer service and after sales that Arctic Cabins offer. So we went onto the Arctic Cabins website, and it was evident that the quality of your product far outshone its competitors - we are great believers in the saying that 'you get what you pay for'. We initially opted for the 7m² and went through the order process with a very helpful chap, however overnight we changed our mind and wanted to go for the 10m² instead! We were relieved to hear that making this change was no trouble for the sales team the day after, with no quibble or complaint."

How was your experience with Arctic Cabins overall?

"Absolutely second to none! All the way through, the process from ordering to installation and after sales, the Arctic Cabins team have been the most helpful, friendly, considerate, kind and genuine bunch of people that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! Nothing is too much trouble and all of the staff working for Arctic Cabins go that extra mile. I believe that you are all genuinely proud of the product that you are involved with and this really shows, you bring a great deal of joy and pleasure to the people who own your huts and all staff members celebrate the pride of the people who own your products, it's a bit like a mutual of being part of something really special."


How often do you use your BBQ Cabin?

"I use the Cabin at least 3 times a week...many more in the Winter. I just love to light the fire on a dreary afternoon and spend the day reading, relaxing, snoozing and crafting whilst watching the world go by from our country lane. In fact, it has helped reignite my love for knitting again and I have started doing it again after many years. We love to have a beer or two in it on a Friday night & listen to music and have enjoyed some very merry afternoons with friends and the fire, tall tales and a few beers. I have found it to be the most wonderful serene place to relax in after a hard, long and stressful week working full time as a mental health social worker. I have spent many weekend hours crafting in my hut with a nice cup of tea and the fire roaring, after all having a hut is for life not just for drinking, although we've done plenty of that!

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How was the installation process?

"The installation was extremely smooth. The lads arrived at about 7:30am, unloaded, cracked on and were gone by 11:30am! We seriously couldn't believe they could create something so wonderful in such a short space of time. They explained how to use it and gave us some great tips, they were extremely hard working, thorough, tidy and un-intrusive. Very professional chaps who were amazing at their job, and the finish is just superb."

Wow, now stuff like this really makes our day! Hearing the amount of joy an Arctic Cabin has brought to our customers lives makes it all worth while, and we're always delighted to hear that the personal touch we offer as a company is appreciated. We wish Julie and her family all the very best for the future. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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