10m² BBQ Summerhouse
10m² BBQ Summerhouse
10m² BBQ Summerhouse
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10m² BBQ Summerhouse

You may remember seeing photos on our Social Media of John & Jenny's 10m² BBQ Summerhouse - all nestled  in a leafy nook, with cute steps leading up to it and a pizza oven nearby...they've got everything they need for happy days & nights at their home! We spoke to Jenny recently to hear all about their Arctic Cabins journey...

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"We were intrigued after seeing something similar in a neighbour's garden so started looking around online at the options available for BBQ Huts, and came across Arctic Cabins. You had lot of great reviews from customers who had used them, and we wanted to go with someone with a good reputation in the trade, so we went with Arctic Cabins - you offered everything we were looking for. So we started making enquiries and got the ball rolling."


Why did you chose Arctic Cabins over other companies?

"We wanted to go with a company who offered the full service - design, build and install, we didn't want to have to mess around finding someone to install it for us, or worse still, build it ourselves! We also noted that Arctic Cabins are British made in Derbyshire, which was another important factor in choosing them as we liked that we could support a British trade while enjoying a top quality product ourselves. We also liked it that Arctic Cabins employ their own team of installers - no third party trades people are involved, so it means you get that extra peace of mind."

How was your experience with Arctic Cabins overall?

"It was fantastic - the salesperson, Simon, was so informative and helpful without putting on lots of pressure for us to buy. Once we ordered our Cabin we couldn't wait for the team to arrive on installation day to get started. We were very impressed with the team on the day - they took no time at all getting all the panels and parts off the van, and the build was amazingly quick, we couldn't believe how quickly the Cabin was up and fully ready to use - all in the space of a few hours!"

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How often do you use your BBQ Cabin?

"We use it throughout the whole year on and off - it's nice to have somewhere to go to that's cosy & warm to go into outside in the garden during the Winter, so it means we use the garden a lot more than we did previously during the colder months which is great! The darker evenings really lend themselves to having a cosy night by the fire, it's really lovely in there when you're all settled in. We tend to use the fire less during the Summer, but it's still nice to have somewhere to escape to out of the sun."

How was the installation process?

"It was great! Everything went perfectly smooth. We were amazed at how quickly it was installed, the teamwork was brilliant to see ! The Cabin lights were fitted the next day, so we were fully up and running and ready to go. We love our Arctic Cabin and have spent so many happy times in it since we had it installed in 2017...with many more to come!"

Sounds like John & Jenny have no regrets about investing in their Arctic Cabin...it's always great to hear such lovely feedback. We wish them many more happy years ahead. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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