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10m² Barbeque House

Steve's Happy Place.

Steve had dreams of creating his very own 'Happy Place' at home...somewhere magical you can go and switch off from everything that's going on outside, and just relax.  It was great hearing about his journey with us & how him & his family are getting on in his 10m² Barbeque House from Arctic Cabins...

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"Many years ago there was an article in a Woodworking magazine I had seen, where they talked about Kota Cabins. I loved the idea of having one as they looked so different & unique, and when we were in a position to look at buying one, I Googled 'Kota Cabin' and am pleased to say I found Arctic Cabins. We got in touch to find out more and made arrangements to visit the Cabins in person to see what they were all about."

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Why did you chose Arctic Cabins over other companies?

"We visited the show site near Nottingham and were shown round all the different sizes. There was no rush, no pressure or hard sell just a really relaxed atmosphere. We were actually planning on buying the smaller 7m² until we tried them out, then we decided to go for the next size up, the 10m². We loved the sloping sides, which no other company seemed to offer, which give you so much more room once you're inside, also we loved that you got all the 'extras' included in the package - such as the kettle, the wooden mugs, clock, thermometer, reindeer skins etc. That really set Arctic Cabins apart from everyone else."

How was your experience with Arctic Cabins overall?

"It couldn't have been better & easier to be honest! We left the show site full of excitement, and measured up the area as soon as we got home to make sure the larger cabin would fit, and it would! We rang and ordered the Arctic Cabin, and went for the full installation service, including base, which was such a great help. The team of installers came early (very early) one November morning and took all the panels off the van and carried them to the area they were the time I'd made them all a coffee they'd already unloaded everything and were ready to start building, I was very impressed! In fact, they'd already started on the base, so quick & efficient! By lunchtime, the base & Cabin were complete, I was sat inside with the installation guys and they were talking me through how to light the BBQ, and at what what height to have the chimney set at. They left as they arrived, taking any rubbish with them, leaving me sat in my new Cabin with a huge smile on my face."


How often do you use your BBQ Cabin?

"We tend to use the Cabin more in the Winter than we do in the Summer, because the dark nights really lend themselves to having a cosy night by the fire, the atmosphere you get in there is fantastic. Everyone who visits fall in love with the Cabin and cannot wait to come inside & relax. I think that's the magic of it - we call it 'Our Happy Place' - 'El Lugar De Risa, because no matter what you're doing at the time, once you sit down in front of the roaring fire, you could be anywhere in the world. The howling wind and rain doesn't bother us, we just close the door, snuggle up with the dog & cat, & relax. Something else that is fantastic about our Cabin is the smell! Everyone who visits always say 'what a lovely smell'; the mixture of the sap from the wood and the smoke from the fire is intoxicating. We have had our Cabin nearly 8 years now and I am pleased to say it still smells like freshly sawn wood inside. We try to use the Cabin at least once a week, mainly at weekends but is really nice to have somewhere to escape to on a 'school night' too.'"

How was the installation process?

"Flawless! The guys who fitted our Cabin were brilliant, quick and efficient even thought it was November and freezing cold. They just got on with it, and within a few hours it went from a pile of wood to a fully functioning BBQ Cabin. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly it was installed! The whole experience was effortless with absolutely nothing for me to do apart from varnish the floor and tables around the fire, so I could use it straight away! I would not hesitate in recommending Arctic Cabins - in fact I have, many times because every time someone new visits the Cabin, they always ask  where we got it & we happily tell them. We only have good things to say about Arctic Cabins!"

It warms our hearts to hear happy Owners, like Steve, speak so highly about our product, and the service we offer. Sounds like Steve and his family & friends have many years of enjoyment & happy times ahead of them. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.


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