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Simon & his family know how to have a good time - we always love to see the photos he sends into us, enjoying time in his 10m² Hobbit House, living life to the fullest...and can definitely see why he chose to add an Arctic Cabin to his garden. It definitely gives him the space he needs for him & his family to enjoy time with friends, eating, drinking & being merry! It was great hearing about his journey with us & how he's getting on in his Cabin...

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"We literally live a stone's throw from Arctic Cabins, and came across the show site at Toton on a leisurely walk one morning, and recognised the Cabins having seen one at Alnwick Castle some years before. I couldn't believe what I was looking at when I first saw them - they were so intriguing...a fire in the middle of a wooden hut with comfy seating around it, I thought they looked brilliant! I said at the time 'one day I'm going to get one of those', and we ended up purchasing one many years later. It was meant to be!"

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Why did you chose Arctic Cabins over other companies?

"We didn't really look alternative companies. At the Nottingham show site, we sat in a couple of different sized Cabins on display, and knowing that Arctic Cabins made the one we'd seen, and it looked like a top quality product so we didn't feel like we needed to look elsewhere. The sloping walls clinched it for us, as it gives them almost a 'Tardis' affect inside, and make the seating position more comfy as you can recline.""

How often do you use your BBQ Cabin?

"During the Summer months we tend to use it once a week, to once a fortnight...and even more often during Autumn & Winter - we're in there at least once a week, even twice some weeks! We have never cooked in our BBQ Cabin, we just enjoy it as a fire in the evening dimming the lights low. Sometimes we don't even light the fire, we just put some candles on and enjoy the mood - we love to put our music on and have a drink in there, so relaxing. We've got lots of cushions and memorabilia, so it's really cosy and homely. Our Cabin is situated a reasonable distance from our house, tucked into the far corner of the garden. All of our neighbours have large garden like ours, so it feels nice & separate from the house & isn't imposing on our neighbours."


How was the installation process?

"Installation was prompt and early, taking only around half a day to build it, start to finish. Getting armoured cable to have an electricity supply to the cabin was labour-intensive and did ourselves. Although we used it on the first night we took great care to leave the covering as we couldn't wait to use it, we varnished the floor, placemats, tables as recommended by the installation team, before red wine and footprints mark the floor."

Fantastic to catch up with Simon to hear all about his journey with us and how much enjoyment he's getting from his Arctic Cabin...we wish him & his family many more years of happiness. Thinking about purchasing an Arctic Cabin for your garden? Get in touch here or download a pricing brochure.

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