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10m² BBQ Garden Bar

New owner, Andrew, was looking for something a little bit different for his garden, when he came across Arctic Cabins BBQ huts in a local magazine.  They were just what he was looking for, so he began his exciting journey with us. We visited him recently to find out how he was getting on with his new 10m² garden bar & have a sneak peek inside!

Why Arctic Cabins?

"We were looking for something unique for our garden. Not just the typical square shed with no wow-factor. Arctic Cabins offered something that we hadn't seen before! With a patented design, the ability to light a fire, keep warm, have a barbecue, as well as a bar. As soon as we saw them, we knew this is what we'd been looking for, without even realising. We absolutely loved the idea of combining cooking outdoors, with a space to relax & unwind. They are so unique & showstopping, we just knew we had to have one."

bbq garden bar cabin

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

"We had been thinking about a cabin of some sort for a while but didn't just want the bog standard 'shed' with no character. We wanted something that we could all enjoy; the whole family. After receiving an edition of the Ashby Life magazine through the door, we saw the Arctic Cabins advert and straight away loved the idea of an Arctic Bar! We visited the Nottingham show site to view all the cabins and to get a feel for what they were all about. The site offered a great variety of options but we were immediately drawn to the 10m² Arctic Bar. We did look in all the cabins on show, but kept going back to the bar. We liked that we weren't jumped on by the team as soon as we arrived but after a finishing our look around we caught the eye of Dave Coveney who came across to start a discussion with us."

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Would you recommend purchasing an Arctic Cabins BBQ Garden Bar?

"We can honestly say the process from start to finish was seamless and we are still over the moon with the cabin. All of our friends and family love it and we have already recommended Arctic Cabins to them. Ultimately, you get what you pay for but a 'one stop shop'. It included the base, delivery, installation & aftercare was exactly what we were looking for. We were willing to pay for it. One of our biggest decisions was whether to go for the 10m² or 14m² Arctic Bar. We measured each option in our garden just to better visualise how much garden space would be taken up. We eventually decided on the 10m². We are a family of 5 and were comfortable this was big enough for us all to enjoy, without dominating the view in the garden."

arctic cabins 10m bbq garden bar

How often do you use your BBQ Garden Bar?

"We use the cabin on average about twice a week, mainly over the weekend. We love to light a fire just for warmth and ambience but also use it to BBQ too. Having the option to do both was a big attraction for us. We settled into the cabin for a few weeks before we got electricity professionally installed, so we could better understand where to position the sockets. In summary, we love the cabin, the process was seamless and its offered us some family space in a unique environment!"

How was the installation process?

"The communication throughout the installation process was seamless, from the initial drop off of the materials through to the actual installation day. The weather on the install day was wet and windy so we were amazed at the efficiency of the install team. Overall we were very happy with the install process and team."

arctic cabins 10m bbq garden bar

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