Cosy, all year round outdoor dining with a barbecue cabin.

Viney Hill Country House is a luxury, holiday rental property in the heart of The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The property was renovated and turned into holiday accommodation by Anne and Steve Parsons several years ago. Steve and Anne’s daughter Kay now manages the property.

Viney Hill Country House has 8 bedrooms is set in an acre of lawns and gardens, it’s facilities include a heated, enclosed swimming pool, children’s play area and most recently a barbecue cabin. For the 2015 season, the Parson’s were looking for something new for Viney Hill. They wanted something new and innovative that would have appeal to their guests. They took to the internet to start their research and soon found Arctic Cabins.

The prospect of a barbecue cabin; being able to offer guests cosy, outdoor, dining all year round seemed the perfect addition to the property. It didn’t compromise any indoor space and it enhanced the outdoor space.

After more research they agreed that Arctic Cabins were their preferred supplier for a cabin, Kay said “we felt the choice of cabins and accessories available was right for us, we were also impressed with the standards of customer service and how quickly the team could build and install a cabin for us”.

Kay told me that “the barbecue cabin is very popular, our guests all love it, since we first started taking bookings every group has used the cabin and most have used it several times as part of their stay, we are so glad we installed it, it’s a great selling point for Viney Hill and a good investment for our business”.

We are getting more and more enquiries from the owners and managers of holiday accommodation providers who are looking for something different, novel and quirky to give them competitive advantage over their competitors and to help place their business as a luxury, quality brand. We have spoken to many of the business owners that have installed the cabins and all the business owners have said that the cabin has had a positive impact on their business and has definitely contributed to increased occupancy levels.

Barbecue cabins come in a range of sizes and can accommodate 5 to 50 guests. The cabin at Viney Hill Country House is a 10m² cabin and seats 15. Kay said, “the cabin is the perfect size for our business, it can accommodate most parties and celebrations”.

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