Top 10 tips for buying a barbecue cabin!

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  1. Look for an established supplier. A company that responds quickly, is available to answer all questions, listens to your requirements and offers advice and solutions. Even better if they offer a free site survey, take them up on the offer. Make sure the company you buy your cabin from deliver and erect the cabin themselves.
  2. Do some research on the company, check out their website, do they have testimonials, does it look professional, does it portray confidence and quality? 
  3. Visit the show site of the company if they have one or make a point of going to an event to see the buildings and meet the people. Some cabin manufacturers have cabins available at garden centres and similar outlets.
  4. Avoid buildings that are made of white wood. A building made of redwood will be stronger and isn’t susceptible to knots falling out, giving a better, lasting finish. It is also less likely to buckle, twist or split.
  5. Look for hand manufactured products, not imported cabins. There can be a big difference in price but don’t be fooled, check out all the quality issues. Does the cabin come with a manufacturers guarantee? Some cabins have one year, some have as many as ten years.
  6. The roof of any timber building is most susceptible to the elements and we recommend that you pay particular attention to this aspect of a cabin. A tongue and groove roof is preferable with a heavy duty felt. A shingle roof will be more durable than mineral felt and is aesthetically more pleasing.
  7. The correct base, be it timber or concrete, needs to be solid and professionally laid to ensure it is level and sturdy. If the company has its own fitters, use them. If you have an existing base, get the barbecue cabin company to check it over before purchasing, at the site visit. Make sure that whatever the base is, be it timber or concrete, existing or new, installed by a third party or the barbecue cabin company, that it doesn’t invalidate the manufacturers guarantee.
  8. The floor of the building needs to be strong and firm and it shouldn’t ‘bounce’. Again tongue and groove is best with tanilized/pressure treated bearers. This is important as the treatment prevents the wood touching the ground from getting wet and rotting. The bearers should be set no more than 40cm apart to ensure the floor is strong.  
  9. Any glass used should ideally be toughened/double glazed because this is safer and more secure. Lockable, opening windows are a nice touch and shows quality.  
  10. Check out planning considerations, generally speaking barbecue cabins don’t need planning permission as they are less than 4 meters high. Your barbecue cabin supplier should be able to advice you, however it is advisable to check with your local planning authority especially if you live in a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty. 





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