The 5 most asked questions about barbecue cabins.

1)      Will the novelty wear off?

Absolutely not! You will be surprised how quickly the cabin becomes a part of your everyday family life. At the end of the day the cabin is an ‘extra room,’ somewhere to escape to, a haven from the chaos and noise. You will look forward to the cold, dark nights – the perfect time to getaway to the cabin, light the fire, pour a glass of your favourite tipple and just relax. The atmosphere, the warmth and the smell of the wood all create a wonderful environment that you just can’t create inside your home and don’t forget you haven’t actually gone anywhere, you are steps from home. Many of our customers tell us they use their cabins twice a week on average. So no, the novelty won’t wear off.


2)      Is my garden big enough?

A lot are more than big enough, you don’t need acres, the average family sized garden is plenty big enough. Plus, the cabins are available in a range of sizes, the baby of the bunch being the 7 meter cabin to the huge, and we mean huge, 25 meter cabin. The sizes in-between are 10, 14 and 17 meters. A 7 meter cabin will tuck nicely into the corner of a smaller garden, by far our most popular cabin is the 10 meter which fits comfortably into most gardens, though it has to be said it has more space in some than others.


3)      Can I afford one?

Well, these aren’t cheap items but they are the best on the market and as the saying goes ‘you only get what you pay for.’ There are various ways of paying for your cabin including a finance option to help you spread the cost. Our aim is to offer customers a responsible finance package from a reputable provider; we offer Barclays finance with good rates and flexible terms.


4)      Will I need planning permission? 

Unlikely, however there is no straight forward answer to this question as you might guess. It depends on individual properties, authorities and areas. That said there are two main considerations with regards to planning permission when installing a barbecue cabin; they are the height of the cabin and where you plan to situate the cabin. Generally, speaking our cabins can be installed taking these considerations into account within ‘permitted development’ regulations. If you live in a listed property or an area of outstanding natural beauty you will require planning permission.


5)      When will my cabin be delivered and fitted?

We love being asked this question! Every cabin is made to order at our factory in Derbyshire and we usually work on a 4 – 6 week lead time for anywhere in the UK, though this can vary a little at certain times of the year. We have our own experienced teams of fitters who install our cabins, plus they have a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee and full after care service.

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