Reindeer skins virtually unobtainable.

All of our cabins are supplied with a range of accessories included and reindeer skins are a much loved part of that kit.  However, due to the Russian annexation of Crimea last year and subsequent (and ongoing) military intervention in Ukraine. We are currently unable to source reindeer skins for our cabins.

The strict trade sanctions that have been imposed on Russia by the European Union (and others) have regrettably led to the Reindeer Skins we usually supply with our BBQ Cabins becoming impossible for us to source at this present time.

The good news is until supplies are restored we shall be supplying Swedish Deer Skins with our Cabins instead. The Swedish Deer are similar in appearance to Reindeer, but smaller, therefore we will supply them in greater numbers. There will be enough skins to cover all the benches.

Alternatively you can choose seat cushions for your cabin instead of the reindeer/deer skins at no additional cost.  

As/when the situation changes we will let you know. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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