Penny and Steve Andrews say their cabin has become an extension of their home.

I recently caught up with Penny and Steve Andrews from Lincolnshire, they have had their barbecue cabin for 8 months. Penny and her husband Steve discovered barbecue cabins several years ago whilst surfing the internet, they loved them and decided there and then that they would have one of their own one day. They had experienced log cabins on a holiday to Norway in the summer of 2014 and when they returned home they looked up Arctic Cabins and arranged a weekend away to go Arctic Cabin shopping. Penny said, “we were blown away by the cabins and loved the idea of sitting around the fire on a cold winter’s night. We visited a local wood festival the same weekend as viewing the cabins, the smell of the wood smoke and seeing all the logs made the decision for us, we would order a cabin”.

The Andrew’s ordered a 10m² cabin, this is the most popular size cabin, they comfortably seat 15 and sleep 2/3, the benches extend to create sleeping bunks. Penny said “we don’t have a massive garden so we considered the 7m² cabin but because the walls of the cabin slope out the area needed for the base isn’t too big so we decided on the 10m² and it fits perfectly.”

The cabin was fitted in November 2014, just in time for Christmas. Penny said, “we had 16 in the cabin for a Christmas Party and it was fantastic, everyone had a great time, we cooked, drank and chatted around the fire.”

Arctic Cabins have their own fitting teams and 10m² cabins with a timber pegged base are fitted in a day. Penny said “the guys arrived before 7 am on the day our cabin was fitted by 1 pm they had done the base, fitted the cabin and showed us how to use it, exactly what we were told would happen. The guys worked non-stop and did a great job, we couldn’t fault them at all and we were all set for our first night in the cabin that evening!”

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We say our cabins are versatile and have many uses from a teenage den to a cosy retreat and a great place for parties and entertaining. I asked Penny how often they use their cabin and what they use it for. She said, “we use the cabin 2-3 times a week, mostly at weekends but quite often on a school night too! We use it for all sorts of occasions, we always go in there when family and friends visit, they wouldn’t forgive us if we didn’t. We sometimes go in for a chill out and don’t light the fire, it’s still lovely. Steve even had his works Christmas party in there last year, we had a great time, it was -2 outside but 16 of us were roasting in the cabin with all the windows open.”  

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The cabins are supplied with cushions or reindeer skins and a full accessory kit including a set of 6 kuksa, traditional Finnish drinking cups though cabin owners always personalise them and add their own touches and trinkets. The Andrews are no different; they’ve added fairy lights, a small TV, an iPod, lots of cushions and various knick-knacks. Penny said “whenever we go anywhere I say to Steve that would look great in the cabin he just rolls his eyes and smiles, we’ve loads of gorgeous bits and bobs in there, I love them all!”

Cooking in a cabin is very much a personal choice some people take pots of chilli and casseroles to keep warm and serve for dinner, others the more traditional barbecue fare. We’ve heard of people cooking everything from a full English breakfast to Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. Penny and Steve have got pretty good at cooking different things; Penny said “we rarely cook the traditional burgers and sausages now though we did at first. We often make kebabs, we cook chicken, we’ve bought a griddle for steaks, and we take a bowl of salad with us and sometimes make corn on the cob and jacket potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked in the coals are lovely. We are also very partial to cabin popcorn, marshmallows and mulled wine. We are experimenting with a Dutch oven at the moment too.

My final question to Penny and Steve was “Would you recommend Arctic Cabins?” They said “Yes, without hesitation.”

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