Maggie Feeney says her cabin is a "haven in another world!"

1. Do you remember the first time you saw an Arctic Cabin?

It was about three years ago when we were on a ‘Garden Walk’ around our village and someone had an Arctic Cabin in their garden. We loved the cabin but didn’t think we had a suitable spot to put one in our steeply sloping garden.


2. Why did you buy a cabin?  Were you looking for a garden building in particular?

We had been to our annual ‘Wine Circle’ winter barbeque and the hosts had recently bought a cabin.  We were just blown away with the wonderful experience of sitting in the cosy cabin while the snow fell outside.  We came home determined to find a space for a cabin. We solved the sloping site problem by building retaining walls and backfilling with hardcore and concrete to give us a base. 


3. Were you considering a summerhouse, conservatory, extension etc?

No, we were not considering any kind of building but had fallen completely for an Arctic Cabin.


4. What made you decide to buy an Arctic Barbeque Cabin?

Having decided we wanted a cabin we researched the market thoroughly and concluded that an Arctic Cabin was the best buy in terms of quality and value for money.


5. What size cabin do you have?

We have the baby of the range at 7 square metres. 


6. When was is fitted?

It was fitted on April 2nd, 2014.


7. Were you happy with the ordering and fitting process?

Absolutely! We ordered and paid over the phone.  The fitting team arrived at 7 a.m. as promised and worked nonstop until the cabin was completed at about 2 p.m.


8. How often do you use the cabin?

Usually twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


9. Do you use the cabin for entertaining?

Yes. Occasional girls’ nights, Wine Circle barbeques, family gatherings and friends from time to time. We even had Christmas dinner in our cabin in 2014.


10. Has the novelty of the cabin worn off?

Absolutely not!


11. How would you describe the atmosphere in the cabin?

Peaceful, calm, relaxing, magical. It’s a haven in another world!


12What do you cook in the cabin?

Ribeye steak, pork fillet, sausage from the Northumberland Sausage Company.

Vegetables – I steam the veg. on the kitchen hob then put them into a heat proof dish and add butter.  Then I take them up to the cabin and put the dish onto the barbeque grill.  They get lovely and crispy, gorgeous (new potatoes, chantenay carrots, baby corn, sugar snap peas).


13. Do you have a “cabin speciality"?

No, I try all sort of different ways of cooking.


14. What do you like best about owning a cabin?

Stepping back from day to day living and entering a magical space.


15. Was it value for money?

Yes. In fact other than the house it’s the best thing we’ve ever bought!!!


16. Do you find being in the cabin relaxing?  Is it different to being in your lounge?

As you enter the cabin the stresses just melt away. Our lounge is comfortable but is part of every day life.  There are no telephones in the cabin so it’s a place apart from life.


17. Would you recommend Arctic Cabins to others?

Absolutely. We would have no reservations about recommending Arctic Cabins.


18. Your cabin looks great, was there a reason you decided to paint it?

Because of where we live and the cabin being exposed to every kind of Northumbrian weather we decided that painting it would give better protection against the elements. Having already tried other products on garden sheds and furniture which did not prove durable (i.e. peeled within a year) we decided to use Sadolin Superdec. It is guaranteed for 10 years.  There are 52 colours to choose from and we chose ‘Pea Green’ for the cabin. It is more expensive than other products but it’s worth every penny.


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