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Not sausages according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics. Latest research shows that the sale of sausages has fallen since 2008 from £838.2 million to £820.7 million, this equates to a fall of 2.1%. However, the volume sold has fallen by more than a quarter; 26.4% to 330.3 million kilograms over the same period. 

The sale of beef, especially steak have increased by 50% since 2008, currently valued at £3 billion. The sale of fresh chicken has also risen by nearly 50% since 2012, increasing from £1.3 billion to £2 billion in 2014.


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The main reasons suggested for the decrease is that we are swopping sausages for healthier meats and that the long disputed content of the sausage is putting people off. Cabin owners Penny and Steve Andrews who we featured this month, said they very rarely cook traditional barbecue food in their cabin these days, favouring healthier chicken, chicken kebabs and steaks. They do use their cabin 3 or 4 times a week and sausages/burgers that often would be a little much!   

Lots of butchers are saying the humble sausage is still as popular as ever. Cabin owner and master butcher, Nigel Alderson, who owns and runs W. Alderson & Son Family Butchers in Darlington said “We haven’t seen any decline in sales, sausages are still as popular as ever. We know exactly what goes into our sausages, the traditional mystery of what is in there isn’t an issue, our sausages are handmade using only pork shoulder meat which gives the perfect fat to lean ratio”.

Nigel added “what we do know is that we are busier than ever, more and more people are shopping with us regularly who use to shop in the supermarkets, they often comment on the quality of our produce and sausages in particular, many kids won’t eat any others!”

While pork sausages remain the nation’s favourite. Alderson’s now make 16 varieties of sausages, 3 are traditional pork recipes, 3 are gluten free and Artisan flavours are very popular, the latest flavours include chilli, jalapeno and lamb madras. Is it variety we are craving?

Award winning Nottinghamshire based sausage producing expert Johnny Pusztai from JT Beedham Butchers, just down the road from Arctic Cabins agrees with Nigel on both the popularity and quality of sausages today.

Johnny said, “Our sausage sales are sky high, we’ve greater demand than ever before!” With over 40 varieties on offer from tomato and basil, Robin Hood Vension, Kolbasz, (a Hungarian spicy salami type sausage) and curry there are many to choose from to satisfy all tastes and palettes.

Johnny added “25 years ago, things were very different in terms of the quality of sausages, but now, the quality is so high, especially the artisan ones, sausage remains the nations favourite!”


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