Gary Fieldhouse does the Arctic Cabins Q and A!

What size cabin do you have?

A 10 meter sloping walled cabin.

When was it fitted?

Friday 19th September 2014, started 07:15am – completed about 7 hours later, the fitters worked non- stop.

Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

Our friends, Carl and Emma Longson have one.  We saw some photographs of their cabin on Facebook and we really liked it.  We even saw them on TV when Carl won ‘Come dine with me’ by hosting a Viking themed dinner from his cabin.  That episode was very funny and it showed off the cabin to brilliant effect.

Did you set out looking for a cabin or were you considering a summerhouse or conservatory etc?

A few of our friends had outdoor buildings, sheds, posh cabins etc which inspired us to think about creating an extra room/space in our own garden. We wanted something to replace a play house that our kids (and us) had used over the last ten years.

We were looking for something of reasonable size that we could use all year round and that we could use for different purposes like socialising, working from home and escaping from teenagers or the parents!

We looked at so many different types of outdoors buildings including summerhouses, log cabins, converted sheds, plastered outbuildings.  We even looked at Hawaiian style ‘cabana’ that had a thatched roof!

What made you decide to buy an Arctic barbecue Cabin?

Where to start. . . . they are just so different looking.  Cute, odd, weird, fun, kooky, brilliant but mostly fun.  They look like they have come out of a movie.  The look is so very different to everything else that’s on the market

The sheer size of the inside of the cabin is unreal.  The sloping walls make a real difference to the feeling of space. It’s massive and is deceptively airy “it’s like a Tardis in here” is what we immediately thought when we first went inside one. Lots of our visitors have said the same thing too.

We visited Carl & Emma’s a week or so before ordering ours to check what it was like after it had been lived in.  We were so impressed with everything about it, the design of the barbecue, the look and feel of the wood, the shelves and the seats that extend out, the tray tables.  We were very impressed with the quality of the Arctic Cabin compared to others on the market; it’s a very solid, substantial building.

Where you happy with the ordering and fitting process?

Absolutely delighted, it was simple, no high pressure selling, easy to understand and a myriad of different accessories to choose from.

Did you order any accessories?

A tall spark guard (extremely useful) seat pads (comfortable and surprisingly stain resistant) matching curtains and  tie backs and a set of the best 10m LED lights I’ve ever seen.

How often to do you use your cabin?

Every weekend and sometimes during the week.

Who uses the cabin?

We all do – our kids sometimes do their homework in there or go just to ‘chill’ and escape the parents!

Do you use the cabin for entertaining?

Oh yes.  Our friends love the space.  It’s such a brilliant place to sit, have some drinks, eat and chat.  It’s such a sociable place to be, time seems to slow down when we are in there.  Often we’ve been up till the wee hours.

Does the cabin get smoky?

It did when I wasn’t sure of the type of fuels to use but not any longer, I quickly became somewhat of a fire expert!  

What have you found is the best fuel to use?

For heat the barbecue briquettes are great. We use Weber Premium Long Lasting ones. For cooking I prefer charcoal. It doesn’t matter if fat drips onto the fuel, it just burns it up. Duraflame logs are really good too but not for cooking.  They give a lovely flame, last for ages and they don’t cost a great deal (Costco £21 for 9 logs weighing in at nearly 3 Kg each).

Sometimes no fuel is good.  We have electricity in the hut so when it’s chilly we use a small fan heater to keep us warm – and throws/blankets.

What do you cook in your cabin?

Cheese fondue, sausages (chorizo ring, Bratwurst), steak, chicken and kebabs, different types of vegetables including onion, sweetcorn, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and courgettes.  We also cook quesadillas (with wraps from shops) and have also used the heat to keep food cooked in the house hot (cast iron pots are the best for this).

Fresh pineapple is particularly awesome cooked on a barbecue we love it marinated in cinnamon, crushed cloves and brown sugar.

What do you like best about owning a cabin?

That it’s a multi-functional space, we can chat, cook, eat (food either cooked in the hut, brought in from the house or from a takeaway restaurant), read a book, play on the Kindle/iPad or just watch the fire burning.  It’s very relaxing and a great extension to our home.

Was it value for money?

Yes. We can go ‘on holiday’ every weekend and also during the week if we want to –  it really is the best thing we’ve ever bought.

Would you recommend Arctic Cabins to others?

Yes, emphatically so.  A friend of ours was thinking of buying a summerhouse and his son showed him some photographs of our cabin on Facebook - he placed an order straight away and his cabin has just been installed.


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