Does every woman need one of these in her life?

Sheds... where else can you create a space that is completely your own? A space you can furnish and decorate exactly as you choose. A space to escape to, to relax and enjoy a favourite pastime, there’s something really important about creating a space in our lives that allows us to just be ourselves. So, does every woman need a ‘Lady Shed?’

Catherine Simpson from Ilkeston certainly thinks so. Catherine filled a lifetime dream in November 2014 when she ordered her bespoke built ‘Wendy House.’

Catherine’s mother sadly passed away in 2014, Catherine knew exactly what she would do in her memory. Catherine designed her ‘shed’ that she named the ‘Wendy House’ in honour of her Mum. Then she set about finding a company to build exactly what she wanted.

Catherine said “my purchase decision wasn’t based on price; it was based on quality, customer service and the ability of the company to build to my requirements.”

Catherine’s Wendy House is a 3 x 4 meter, lined and insulated building, it is insulated so that it will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The building is constructed from durable, redwood timber. It has a front canopy, decking, patio doors, two skylights and four UVPC, double glazed cream windows. Catherine wanted all the windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Catherine also had the cabin fitted with a small wood burning stove, supplied by Salamander Stoves. The Hobbit Stove is designed for small spaces and keeps the Wendy House toasty warm. 

The Wendy House has two areas; one end of the building is fitted with shabby chic shelves, a work bench and moveable work lamps. This is where Catherine does her craft work. The other end has a comfy, leather sofa for reading and relaxing. There are shelves on the walls, purchased from antique shops; there is even a bookcase from Catherine’s childhood bedroom that has been upcycled to make shelving. The shelves are full of treasures from Catherine’s mother’s house.

Though Catherine’s Wendy House is full of lovely girlie things there is space for her puppy who has his own chair and Kev, Catherine’s husband often pops in to relax and share a bottle of wine at the end of the working week.

Catherine said “I knew exactly what I wanted and I am delighted with my Wendy House. It’s warm, cosy, it has a completely different atmosphere to the house, and it’s my haven and the place I escape too.

The garden room looks right at home in the Simpson’s garden, it doesn’t dominant or detract, and it enhances and has given the garden a lovely focal point.

If you would like to talk to us about your very own Lady Shed telephone Mark on 0115 932 8888 or email him 

For more information about Salamander Stoves visit their website


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