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Accessories in our homes are defined as the items that add aesthetic value like photographs, pictures, plants and candles they can also be functional items like clocks, cushions, throws or blankets. If a house feels a little empty, boring or unloved it's likely that a few accessories will make all the difference. At Arctic Cabins we think the same applies to our cabins, it’s the little touches that make all the difference and there is a great range of accessories available.

This cabin belongs to Mr and Mrs Davison from Newbury. They have added a short porch and some very lovely bears! The bears are supplied by Wood Actually. 

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All our Cabins are supplied with genuine reindeer skins from sustainably managed Reindeer herds and a full authentic Finnish handicraft dining kit which includes; cutlery, utensils, coasters, kettle and Kuksa (traditional Finnish wooden mugs), match box holder, bottle opener and a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector. We can also supply cushions and curtains in a range of fabrics, colour changing LED lights, matching sheds, storage boxes, extended spark guards and porches.

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