Arctic Cabins customer Nigel Alderson talks cabins, recipes and tips.

Nigel Alderson talks cabins, recipes and tips.  


When we found out that Arctic Cabins customer Nigel Alderson was a butcher we asked him for a few hints and tips.

1)      What are the best meats for barbecuing?

Because of the nature of BBQ cooking you will find the 'better cuts' will cook best for example chicken breasts and sirloin steaks. Saying that cheaper cuts of meat can be just as good when either marinated or partially cooked in the oven and finished on the BBQ. Belly pork is a perfect example.

2)      What is the best cut of steak for the barbecue?

I would say Rib eye or Sirloin because each of these have a little fat on to help keep the meat nice and juicy.

3)      When you barbecue should you use the meat straight from the fridge or at room temperature?

BBQ cooking is the same as any other cooking, I always let the meat stand at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. The sudden change of temperature can lead to certain meats being tough. Not necessary for burgers and sausages.

4)      What is the best way to test that the meat is cooked?

For me the safest way is to cut into the meat to check it is cooked through or to your liking.

5)      Should you season the meat with salt before cooking?

If it is a plain meat i.e. not marinated then yes. Brush with olive oil then add a little salt and pepper. Oil just the meat not the grill as lead leads to excess smoking.

6)      Should the meat be rested or is it ok to eat it straight from the grill?

Basic BBQ food is ok to be eaten straight away. But if you have cooked a special piece of steak then it will always benefit from being rested.

7)      Any tips, tricks, recipes, hints or suggestions?

a)    Don't overdo the portion sizes, people often over cater when doing a BBQ. 

b)    Don't overload the grill. Too much food cooking at once is difficult to manage and can result in certain things being undercook and others over cooked.

c)    A really good tip for cleaning the BBQ grill is to ask your butcher for a solid piece of beef fat. When you have finished put the piece of fat on the grill and allow to warm a little and then rub this over the grill. This will clean all the cooking residue off the grill the heat will then burn off any of the excess fat leaving your grill ready for next time.

d)    Ask your butcher for some fillet tails or trimmings of sirloin. These should both be quite reasonably priced. They will cook very quickly directly on the grill or on a skillet, have a pan of mushrooms and/or onions going too. Then just enjoy them in crusty bread with your favourite accompaniment (wholegrain mustard for me).


About Nigel.

W Alderson & Son family butchers was established in 1934 by Nigel’s Grandfather. The shop is situated in the village of Cockerton on the outskirts of Darlington in County Durham. Alderson’s use local suppliers and farmers to bring top quality produce to their customers. Nigel says ‘we are a traditional family butchers who have moved with the times, we are on Facebook, Twitter and our website will soon be offering overnight delivery anywhere in the UK’.


About Nigel…

1)      What size cabin do you have?

 10 m2

2)      When was it fitted?

4th March 2014

3)      Where did you hear about Arctic Cabins?

 Facebook, it popped up that a friend of ours had liked the Arctic Cabins page, I was intrigued and went to check them out too, once I’d seen them I was hooked!

4)      Did you set out looking for a cabin or were you considering a summerhouse or conservatory etc?

We weren't really looking for anything but being great lovers of our garden then once we had seen the cabins then we all felt it would work very well for us. And it does.

5)      What do you cook in your cabin?

 We've only had it for a month but so far we have cooked, fajitas, mussels and some of my home made burgers and sausages.

6)      What do you like best about owning a cabin?

 The escapism of it, and the convenience of it. I love the idea that I can go just go down to it put the fire on pour myself a drink and either listen to my music or read. My daughter is already planning a 'girls night in' in the cabin. 

7)      Was it value for money?

It is a lot of money to spend on a garden building. But when you consider it’s with you for life, all the accessories, the guarantee and that it can be used all year round. Then most definitely yes. 

8)      Would you recommend Arctic Cabins to others? 



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