You've always somewhere to go when you've got a cabin!

1. Do you remember the first time you saw an Arctic Cabin?

Absolutely, we first saw one at Trentham Gardens, a local garden centre. We'd gone out for the day not looking for anything in particular and we came across one. As soon as we got home we googled Arctic Cabins to find out more.


2. Why did you buy a cabin? Were you looking for a garden building in particular?

We weren’t looking for a garden building as we already had a summer house but there was no heating in it so during the winter months it was locked. What we were looking for was a log burner or some other form of heating so we could use it all year round never even considered buying a cabin at this point. Unfortunately my Mum passed away and we decided to treat ourselves in her memory, we wanted something special, we thought about a holiday but we really wanted something that would last, the cabin fits the bill perfectly.


3. Were you considering a summerhouse, conservatory, extension etc?

We did consider a conservatory briefly, but after taking all things in to consideration not just cost, but what we would use it for we decided on a cabin. We loved the summer house because it got us out of the house and away from the TV so we could just sit and chat put some music on have a glass of wine or three and we'd be able to use a cabin all year round. 


4. What size cabin do you have?

We have the 10m².


5. When was it fitted?

It was fitted June 6th 2014.


6. Where you happy with the ordering and fitting process?

Ordering and fitting couldn't have been any easier. We called Arctic Cabins and made an appointment. It was Easter Sunday last year. Gareth was there to meet us personally and show us around. He gave advice on lighting the barbeque how the damper works. We arranged the fitting date and the lads were there first thing on the morning of the 6th of June and did a brilliant job.


7. Did you order any accessories?

The only accessory we ordered was a tall spark guard as we have young grandchildren and for our own peace of mind really when we aren’t cooking.


8. How often to do you use your cabin?

As often as possible. Depending on my shifts. At least once a week, 2-3 times when we can.


9. Who uses the cabin?

The whole family, our teenage daughter has had a sleep over in there and I'm a bit jealous because we haven’t done that yet it's on our list of things to do.


10. Do you use the cabin for entertaining?

Yes we do, when friends come round the first thing they ask is if we are going to be in the hut.


11. Has the novelty of the cabin worn off?

Definitely not. It's become part of our life now don't know what we'd do without it. 


12. How would you describe the atmosphere in the cabin?

It varies, if it's just me and the wife it's very cosy, peaceful and relaxing. If we've got friends round its really friendly and chilled.


13. Does the cabin get smoky?

Only if I get carried away and try to get the fire going quickly. If you build it slowly and give the chimney time to warm up we don't have any problems.


14. What have you found is the best fuel to use?

For cooking we use charcoal Briquettes. I prefer lumpwood charcoal really but it tends to spark rather a lot. If we're having a fire then I get kiln dried logs you can't beat a good log fire. I've also tried smokeless coal, heat logs and peat blocks which burn nice and slow and smell great when they burn.


15. What do you cook in your cabin?

Mainly get meat from the local farm shop, they do specialty sausages, steaks and burgers but I would like to try something a bit more adventurous.


16. Do you have a ‘cabin specialty?’

Toasted marshmallows. It's the first thing the kids ask for when they come round.


17. What do you like best about owning a cabin?

I love the fact that you don't have to take into account what the weather is going to be like, no matter what happens you can still have a barbeque and we’ve always got somewhere to go.


18. What kind of occasions have you celebrated in your cabin?

We had a barbeque for Cancer Research, a teenager’s birthday party and we also celebrated New Year’s Eve in there. It was -3 outside and almost 30 degrees in the cabin. 


19. Was it value for money?

We personally think its excellent value for money, it seems a lot of money but it gets used regularly and it's going to last us for years.


20. Do you find being in the cabin relaxing? Is it different to being in your lounge?

It's very relaxing and totally different from being in the lounge, you feel like you could be anywhere.


21. Would you recommend Arctic Cabins to others?

I would definitely recommend Arctic Cabins, the cabin is excellent quality, the ordering and fitting process is simple and their after sales service is second to none.  


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