Angie shares her top barbecuing tips!

Angie is Arctic Cabin’s Office Manager, her role is varied and wide ranging, no two days are the same for Angie and most of the chaps here would be in a bit of a pickle without her!

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Between the hours of 9am and 4pm Angie deals with customer enquiries, orders, cabin fitting, accounts, events, stock control and very importantly wages.  The chances are if you have a question or a query about your cabin Angie will be the lady you speak to.

Outside of working hours  Angie is an active Mum of two, a little boy and girl aged 7 and 5, married to Mike, she is an enthusiastic walker, a dog lover, a keen camper, a boxerciser and a lover of all things barbecue! Here Angie shares her top tips for successful barbecue entertaining.

Plan Ahead 

A little work in the days running up to your barbecue can make the day more relaxing. Make sure your barbecue is clean and your fridge is stocked. Salads can be prepared and any meat or fish marinated in advance (The food will taste better for the marinating too). You may not be able to cook all your food at the same time so think about which dishes you can serve as tasty starters, I particularly like veggie skewers and corn on the cob first.

Entertain the Kids

Outdoor games are a great way to keep the kids entertained, we love swingball as it gets the adults involved too, there’s also hopscotch and giant Connect 4. We always get tubes of bubbles for the kids; it’s a good idea to put names on the tubes, saves any arguments later! And what about water bombs for the more adventurous.

Keep it Simple

Get your barbecue nice and hot before you put the meat on to cook. Don’t have your steaks, chicken and burgers too thick, the thinner they are the easier it will be to cook them through evenly, avoiding the dreaded raw on the inside and burnt on the outside that we’ve all experienced. Make sure you’ve plenty of plates and serving dishes handy to keep the raw and the cooked food separate. I like to use paper plates, it saves on the washing up, and we just pop them in the recycle bin when we are finished. Keep plenty of napkins, black bags and kitchen towel handy.

Stay Warm and Comfy

A barbecue is my favourite family get together, everyone can get involved and it’s very sociable. If you have a barbecue cabin the reindeer skins are perfect for making your guests comfy.  Make sure you have plenty of cushions for wooden and metal garden furniture too. Citronella candles will keep those pesky wasps away and ‘push in the ground’ solar powered lights create a lovely atmosphere as the sun sets.





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