A gift for the whole family this Christmas.

Timber buildings have long been associated with Christmas and none more so than a barbecue cabin. Barbecue cabins were developed from traditional ‘Kotas’ (similar to a tepee) in Northern Lapland.

Father Christmas is often found inside a cosy wooden grotto that is bedecked with Christmas decorations and fairy lights. The wood of the cabin makes for a lovely, warm, welcoming homely feel. Our cabins have been used many times for grottos around the UK. It is this wonderful feeling and place to relax and chat that you can have in your own garden with one of our barbecue cabins and there is still time to order yours in time for Christmas 2014. 

Imagine a cold, wet December evening you and your family and friends are warm and cosy sitting around the fire in your cabin. The smell of mulled wine fills the air and chestnuts are roasting on the fire. Or maybe its Christmas morning and Santa has visited your cabin and left presents for everyone.


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A cabin has many uses from a peaceful grown up retreat to a teenage den and a place for guests to stay over, but is there a more magical time than Christmas to have a cabin?

Barbecue cabins come in a range of sizes, there is the intimate 7m2  the popular 10mthat will fit in the majority of gardens and the 14m2  and 17m2  for larger spaces and families.

Our customers regularly say “it’s the best thing we’ve ever bought!”

It’s 5 weeks until Christmas and we have a few fitting slots available, there is still time to have your cabin fitted before Christmas. Contact us today to secure your slot. We feel sure many of our customers will be opening their presents in their cabin this year.    




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