The Top 7 Benefits of having a Barbecue Cabin.

Not many will dispute that a barbecue cabin makes a great feature in any garden but what are the benefits of living with one of these beautiful, hand crafted cabins? Here are our top seven:

Fire for Cooking

Everyone loves a barbecue and with a cabin you don’t need to wonder if the sun will shine or if it will rain and you’ll end up confined to the garage! The barbecue in the cabin means you can have flavoursome healthy grilled meat, fish and vegetables any day of the year. But the barbecue doesn’t have to be a barbecue it can be ‘a fire’ for toasting crumpets, making toast or just keeping warm. The grill can be used as a platform to place a big pan of stew, chilli, curry, or a hearty pan of soup on, a fab lunch or a great way to get the family together in an evening. Why not fill the kettle with luxurious hot chocolate on those cold, snowy winter afternoons…

A Romantic Setting


What could be more romantic than snuggling by the fire with the person you love, sipping a glass of wine? No room in the house will offer an instant dreamy, romantic escape, like a cabin. The atmosphere is incredible. You wouldn’t know you were in your own garden and the baby monitor should work too.

A Cool Teenage DenThey don’t even have to traipse through the house - open the side gate and in they go! The cabin is a social environment your guests can chat, relax, listen to music, play computer games or take selfies and post them on Facebook! A teenager’s birthday party can be hosted very comfortably and could finish with a sleepover all from the cabin, the house remains a calm, tidy, teenage free zone! As those teenagers get older be prepared to find several ‘mates’ in the cabin of a Sunday morning.  


It Is Good for your Health

The benches in the cabins are adaptable to make sleeping bunks that are surprisingly comfortable. Central heating is well-known for triggering asthma. Sleeping in a cabin can make for a very restful night’s sleep, a bad back is often eased too.

Warmth when there’s a power cut

When the worst of the weather hits there is often a power cut. No problem if you’ve got a cabin, light the fire, keep warm and enjoy the atmosphere a real fire can create. You can roast marshmallows too! You’ll be disappointed when the power comes back on.

A Place for Family Get Togethers and Parties

We all know what it’s like, you’ve got kids, you’re decorating or you’ve not managed to clean the house yet this weekend… Having visitors can be hard work. But not when you’ve got a cabin, you’ve always got somewhere to go. Light the fire, pop some steaks on the grill, bake some potatoes and if it’s a cold night the white wine will keep perfectly chilled just outside the cabin door.  

It’s relaxing

It’s 4pm on a rainy Sunday afternoon in November, its miserable out, what do you do? We suggest, heading down the garden - light a fire, close the door, pour yourself a drink, sit back, put your feet up and just relax. 

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