All of our cabins are supplied with the following as standard:

  • Finnish accessory pack
  • Deer skins or cushions
  • Exterior walls treated with timber preservative
  • CO detector and fire extinguisher
  • Short spark guard

Finnish Accessory Pack

The authentic Finnish accessory pack supplied with our cabins includes, cutlery, utensils, kettle, bottle opener, match box holder, coasters and kuksa (traditional Finnish wooden mugs). There are place settings for 6/8 people depending on the size of the barbecue cabin.

Deer Skins or Cushions

You can choose as standard either luxurious Reindeer skins from sustainable herds or alternatively quality cabin cushions* in a fabric of your choice.

*seat cushions only, ‘pull up’ extension cushions are available as a chargeable extra.

Timber Preservative

All our cabins are supplied coated with a timber preservative. The preservative can be applied in either clear or brown.


LED Lighting

If you are going to have mains electricity to your cabin our LED multicolour ultra-bright LED lighting (with a remote that looks like an iPod) really is the business. The top-of-the-range LED lighting is low power and the many modes allow you to change the colour and brightest of the lights from a warm, romantic glow to a brighter colour changing sequence for a party feel.

Extended Spark Guard

All our barbecues are supplied with a small spark guard to make sure that no hot embers escape onto the wooden tables. If you are likely to leave the grill unattended whilst lit for extra safety you can purchase a tall spark guard.

Curtains and Bench Cushions

We can supply a range of quality upholstered seat cushions, bench extension cushions, scatter cushions and curtains with or without tie backs for every size of cabin. Please Contact Us for prices and colour swatches. 


Solar Pipe

Do you like the shape and style of our cabins but don’t want the barbecue? The cabins can be supplied without the barbecue. Solar pipes replace the chimney and give great diffused light throughout the building.

Base Preparation

To ensure proper operation of the BBQ all our cabins need to be sited on a level adequately ventilated base. You may already have a suitable area of patio or decking or, if not, we can arrange the construction of a suitable timber ‘pegged’ or ventilated concrete base.

Bespoke Service

Finally, all our barbecue cabins are made to order, if you need something different, such as a wider door or extra windows just ask. You’ll be amazed at what we can do.

If you have any questions or would like to order any accessories please contact us